​​     Enabling families with the                     capabilities to understand and
           accompany their child                              through learning and life.
    Programs that help to bring out                     their innate capacities and                  nurture their unique intelliegnces.
          The hidden gems within.
      Brightlings- education today
       for the children of tomorrow. 
   Wise, well, bright and angelic-like.

        For further Enquiries               and to Enlist Supports  

    Email: natalie@brightlings.org
      0412 696 456

        Indoor Swim Centre
 7-9 James St Argenton Lake Macquarie

Swimming Education

  Through the seasons- let the
   fun and learning begin now

     Accelerated learning programs

   Unique strategies personalised to             your child' individual needs

            Natural Environment

            Natural Approaches

           No tears and no fears
            Disability Specialists
   Reach possibilities and capabilities

        Supervised spaces to play

Learn to swim the natural way

     For enrolments and enquiries
              Contact Natalie
                0412 696 456

Mind and Heart Smart TM 
  A program for families, Teachers
            and paraprofessionals                 to help children and youth to
          both survive and thrive 

Understanding your child does not need to be as difficult 
as chasing rainbows

There is hope and the journey can be insightful, transformational, educational and helpful.

  1. NDIS Options
    Early Supports. We can come to you in the home and Integrate into the school, educational setting and community. Access the Trans-disciplinary Supports and Interventions with our team of Specialist's.
  2. Early Intervention
    Accelerated programs of Intervention in the Home, licensed Community Venue, School, Educational Service and in the disability provider's setting. We provide the analysis and can implement the plans.
  3. Early Education
    Options to suit your child's individual needs. Pre-school-Child Care- Out of Home Care- Occassional Care- OOSH Tuition and Coaching. Parent Breaks. Our focus is on small ratios and compatible environments.
  4. Early Learning Circles
    An Educated Playgroup with a difference. For the child and parent/carer. Accelerate learning. Connections and links to the community. Build and establish networks. Be empowered and informed.
  5. Analysis and Integration
    We explore imbalances in 7 developmental areas. We provide an analysis and plan specific to your child's needs. Address environmental influences, correct the structural and understand the neurological to optimise behaviour, learning and wellness.
  6. Sharing Circles
    Facilitated Growth and Support Groups that work through a series of steps within a respectful, safe and nurturing environment. Flexible options Individual sessions optional.
  7. Information Linkages Capacity Building
    We can help you to recognise and establish your priorities. We can offer Referrals We can help you with your NDIS goals and plans. Connect you with the Community. Providing choices that leverage your outcomes.
  8. Pre-diagnosis Options
    Non- invasive Screening Environmental Solutions Non-medical alternatives Reports Educated and Naturally informed Choices to explore. We can help you and other's to understand your child's unique needs, communication, interaction and learning style.