​​     Enabling families with the                     capabilities to understand and
           accompany their child                              through learning and life.
    Programs that help to bring out                     their innate capacities and                  nurture their unique intelliegnces.
          The hidden gems within.
      Brightlings- education today
       for the children of tomorrow. 
   Wise, well, bright and angelic-like.

        For further Enquiries               and to Enlist Supports  

    Email: natalie@brightlings.org
      0412 696 456

​​ Learning Connections for you
in your CommYOUnity

It takes a community to help raise and educate a child and nurture the family. 
  Our trans-disciplinary team of Specialist's will help to place you and your child at the heart of our support's .
    Our Key Worker can help with your NDIS goals and link the supports in your plan.

Our mission is to provide understanding's that can help make raising your child enjoyable, the education personal and your interactions successful. 
Help your child to become the brightest shining star.
What can the Trans-disciplinary Team do to help?
They can find and bring out the hidden gems within your child so that they can reveal their treasures 
    The team that is available to you and your child in your funded NDIS plan      include's Teacher's, Speech Therapist's, Occupational Therapist's,                    Physiotherapist's and Psychologist's.
   Our interventions are holistic and integrated. The strategies and tailored        supports are based on the latest evidenced informed and best practice            methods in neuro-science and neural-education. Which we refer to                  as Integration.
   Natalie is the Founder and Director of Brightlings.
   Natalie is a university qualified Teacher and brings to the service 20+ years    of experience in education and disabilities.
   Natalie has been integral to the trial site of NDIS in Newcastle and enjoys      personalising plans and supports unique to your child's learning and              communication needs.   
   Natalie trains others in the neural integration sciences and consults to          providers within the early education, school, disabilities and wider                  community on disability  specific practices.
   Natalie has co-built an Early Years and Home School Program                        with curriculum  supports for all ages.  At Brightlings we help                          to establish parent supported playgroup's, home school co-op's and                we mentor the "accompanier's" of in-home education services and home          schooling families. 
   Our services are offered mainstream. Disability inclusion is our heart's            desire and Speciality.
   Natalie has spent the past 13 years educating her own 3 boys and                  developing a  small business model that she shares with other's who are          passionate about humanity, disabilities, community and personalised              education of children.
   Natalie has a personal affinity to dis-abilites and shares this work in              honour of  her Brother- a lost love that carries on inside of her. 
   Natalie appreciates that at times diagnosis can destroy a soul's journey but    that it can  also be the catalyst for growth and the becoming of self.              Natalie believes that it is this searching and becoming in innate                      capabilities that can transform many dis-abilities.
   When personalising disability supports we build relationships upon trust,        respect and empathy.
   Why Integration?
   Answers and solutions cannot be found in isolation. 
   As a Teacher Natalie found that education, diagnosis and treatment were        often unhelpful so she began a 10 year journey with Dr Arini                          Beaumaris into her doctoral studies. Natalie's personal investigation's            and professional discoveries have now become the framework for                  integrated choices. Natalie has been committed to pioneering  this model        from the grassroots and is dedicated to continued research.
   Her lifetime mission is to overcome the gaps in disabilities through                education, by providing choices and integrated understanding's when there    are other options that can be explored.
   Natalie knows that disability affects family and that supporting                      someone with disability can be isolating and overwhelming. Thats' why we      are dedicated to helping you with your NDIS goals, priorities and support        systems. To access and co-build the services that can make all the                  difference in both your child's and your families lives.
   We are not in competition with any other services or programs. Our                analysis methods and plans are unique. We want you to stick with your            current services, yet we would like to provide you with our accelearted            programs that can compliment your supports.

     You can access our services indirectly throughout Australia with trans-            disciplianry funding as the NDIS "rolls out"  in your community. 
     Direct services are available in the following LGA areas.
         Greater Hunter
          Lake Macquarie
          Central Coast
          Southern Sydney and Surrounds

   If you would like to consider joining our team and establishing                services in your community, we would love to hear from you and get        you started

   The understandings will help the Teacher and Support Worker to              interact positively with your child and to design learning that is                compatible and specific to their individual determined needs.

   The behavioural approach creates positive somatic maps on the              frontal brain, this is needed for emotional and relational intelliegnce,      to build empathy and to access wise choices. 
   What makes us special is that our foundations are built around                universal values. We are genuinley concerned about making your life        easier and for advocating for the natural capabilities of each child in      our care.

   We delight in sharing the missing pieces of the puzzle that can explain    who your child is and what their specific needs are in 7 developmental    areas. This information is easily transferred into environments.